Privacy Policy


We truly care about your privacy. However, we need some data to be functional. The required data is collected, and only the minimum is stored.

Data Collected

In order to work properly, the following data will be collected:

Team: ID: used to calculate team level leaderboards.

Channel: ID: used to calculate channel level leaderboards.

User: ID: used associate Wordle scores with the user that posted them.

Slash Command Messages: Contents of valid Wordle scores are captured to allow for storage of of a score for a given Wordle puzzle. Only portions of Slash commands that match the below format are stored:

"Wordle 123 3/6"

Slack's API sends additional information that passes through the application that is not used or stored. Examples include team name and username. This unfortunately cannot be opted out of. No other personally or organizationally identifiable information is consumed by the app.

This information is stored in a database that is not accessible from the internet and all data is encrypted at rest.

Website & Cookies

This website uses Google Analytics (see Google Analytics Terms of Service) which includes cookies. This applies for this website only. Not for the app/bot. This is not applicable when using the app from inside Slack.


Our web server will log information about your request (such as your browser user-agent and IP address). This is necessary for service health monitoring as well as to prevent abuse of the service.


If requested, we will attempt to get all information pertaining to your userID.